“Sangoma” Sells Powers, Encourages People To Make Money Through Churches
2 September 2022
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Morgan Zvemangororo

As the bible says we are living in the end days, a magi-prophet, (half prophet,half magician), Isaac Makomichi is reportedly selling spiritual powers to those who want to become prophets, hapra katapra, sangomas and also to those who want to become thieves, politicians, businesspeople and slayqueens.

The man (Makomichi) is confusing people with his powers- some are saying he is a true prophet of God and others are saying his powers are from the secret world.

Last year the SA Satanic founders accused Makomichi of using alien powers.

“My friend is now performing wonders and he is not a Christian, he opened his church in Kwekwe. I asked him about his powers and he said he bought them from Makomichi.

I then called Makomichi on his personal number +263777469342 as if I wanted to buy the power too.I was shocked when he said you can come with money and take spiritual power level number 5, he also said I will prophecy names,id numbers. He didn’t even bother to ask whether I’m a born again or not.” said one witness.

Some religious leaders have described Makomichi as an evil man who uses secret powers to perform his shocking miracles to confuse the world.

Makomichi is known for his Marimba ” mountain- moving” magic and Ghana love charms which are being used by big names in the world of slayqueens.