Zanu PF Can’t Win Without Killing Citizens
5 September 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba


The Citizens’ movement as led by President Chamisa walloped zanu pf in Bulilima yesterday.

We thank the Citizens for this great show of support and empathic endorsement for the Democratic Alternative (CCC).

We won against all odds!
We went into the by-election with our hands tied on our back but we gave a fight.

The environment was not fair and neither was the process free. Zanu violated the Electoral Act with impunity while the electoral referee ZEC just watched in silence. However, in the 2 wards we won, the citizens said enough is enough!

We saw the deployment of violence, abuse of traditional leaders, assisted voters scandal but we still won!

It is clear to all that zanu pf cannot win any election without resorting to violence, abusing the assisted voters’ provision in the electoral law, vote buying, intimidation & using traditional leaders as its commissars and weapons of instilling fear in peace loving citizens.

We can’t congratulate fraud, forgery and corruption. ZEC must be independent, impartial and a fair referee.

We won not because the conditions are favorable but because we overwhelmed the unfair conditions through massive Citizens participation.

The people of Bulilima have taught us that it is possible to defeat zanu pf by remaining resolute and unshakable in tje face of a thuggish regime that abuse the law with impunity.

That despite heavy weaponization of food aid, in rural areas, this dictatorship can be defeated if proper community based mobilisation & people centered candidates are at the center of the strategy mix.

Bulilima debunked the fallacy and myth that rural areas belong to zanu. No they belong to the people who from Zambezi-Limpopo, Nyamapanda-Manica are all yearning for transformative change that is epitomised the CCC.

Zanu pf “wins” in the countryside because they resort to violence, harvest of fear and electoral malpractices to secure a vote. This can be defeated as the people of Bulilima have shown us.

This to us is a confirmation that, no force can stop an idea whose time have come. The idea of transformative change is unstoppable. Change that is dynamic. Change that is inclusive. Change that is organic.

Thank you Bulilima. We promise that your councilors will lead diligently and courageously.

For and on behalf of the Citizens Movement

Comrade Ostallos.