Masvingo Karatekas Excel At Grading Tournament
6 September 2022
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Karatekas in Masvingo rose to the occasion at a provincial grading session held at Flamboyant Hotel last Saturday.

Provincial Grading examiner Sensei Andrew Musiiwa who conducted alongside a grading panel that included Sensei Monica Peters( The Masvingo JKA provincial Chairperson), Sensei Patrick Gombwe( Provincial technical director and Sensei Shingi Raiford .

Sensei Alexander, popularly known as Master Lee and Sensei Jacob Mapendere were also present during the grading tournament.

Speaking after the grading tournament, Sensei Musiiwa commented :
” We are generally happy with the standard of karate in Masvingo and there is no doubt that the youngsters will reach great heights.

Our wish is to see the young athletes rising to the summit of world karate.”

Sensei Musiiwa is a legend in karate circles. He groomed Sensei Golden Musiiwa, Sensei Monica Peters, Sensei Shingi Raiford, and Sensei Patrick Gombwe – among other great karatekas.

Masvingo JKA provincial Chairperson Sensei Monica Peters emphasized the need for athletes to have one mindset to unify all dojos in the province. The technical director, Sensei Gombwe, stressed the need for uniformity on techniques so that Masvingo remains in sync with current standards. The grading tournament was a resounding success.

In a statement of gratitude, Rujeko Karate Club said:

“On behalf of Masvingo Province JKA, we greatly appreciate the guidance we are getting from Zimbabwe National Karate Federation president, Sensei Joe Rugwete.

As Rujeko JKA Club, we also wish to thank Masvingo City Council, Flamboyant Hotel, local parents and Berylin Academy for showing unwavering support.

The Berylin Academy staff members are highly supportive of our club. We wish to thank the following officials at Flamboyant Hotel
E. Zvobgo (Managing Director) and Tsungirirai Zvobgo (Director). We also thank Cedric Chuchu for facilitating the grading venue.”

According to Masvingo JKA provincial secretary, Honest Makanyire, similar events will be facilitated in future.

Below is the list of karatekas who passed the grades they attempted respectively:

Monica Redeem Victor (16) 2nd kyu brown belt,
Munyaradzi Benno (16) 2nd kyu brown belt,
Marksman Machacha- blue belt ( 12 years), Nyasha Benno(13) blue belt, Joubert Ndlovu( green belt), Olinda Mugwagwa (yellow belt),
Ezekiel Chakanyuka (2 nd kyu brown belt, Tafara Chimhaka( green belt),
Blessing Mungwanda (purple belt), Michael Chiwanza (blue belt)
,Cedric Chuchu Brown belt 2nd Kyu,
Anorld Mapfumo
(yellow belt),Tendai Havurovi,
(yellow belt),
Mukundi Zvobgo (yellow belt), Kiarra Chuchu
(yellow belt), Jaydra Sthole (yellow belt)