George Shire Comment On Queen Elizabeth’s Death
12 September 2022
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UK based academic Dr George Shire has written commenting on Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Shire suggests that there is nothing to celebrate on the late centurion’s life because of what he terms the unfinished business of colonialism. Shire who is a veteran of the war to liberate Rhodesia from white minority rule, has continued to defend the actions of the ZANU PF governmen, beginning with the land reclamation project.

He writes:

Colonialism left no stone unturned and those who produced, circulated and benefited from it can never be forgiven for the miseries it produced.

George Shire

We are mistaken in thinking that it was only to do with land, water, minerals, plants and everything else including our bodies. Zimbabwe and every other country on the planet that the British landed with the blessing of the monarchy experienced punitive punishments in the form of artworks and remains of our ancestors being stolen and brought back to Britain in the name of the monarchy. Today the remains of our ancestors who fought in the First Chimurenga are still languishing in British Museums, Universities and in private collections.

I have absolutely no recollection of the House of Windsor during the entirety of the Elizabethan Age (the period in the departed Queen Elizabeth was in reign) giving a nod in support of the campaign to return the remains of our ancestors or the many works of art stolen from our continent. The Elizabethan age has seen not the end of colonialism but it’s renewal through the rewesternisation of the same geographies that were once pink on the map of the world. I have nothing against Queen Elizabeth, the mother, grandmother, great grandmother of her family. My sincere condolences to her family. I was born just before the beginning of her reign.

I am of the same generation as Charles. My mother had she lived long would have been in 90s. I know what it feels like to lose a mother. My beef is with the unfinished business of colonialism which was instrumentalists by governments in her name and continues today and in which the royal family has maintained with their central role in racial capitalism and new forms colonialism.

Those that fail to notice the fingerprints of the British royal family as the fountainhead of colonialism and its afterlives are the victims of agnontology ( the philosophy of ignorance) and epistemicide.