WARNING-DISTURBING PICTURES: Mavaza Was Shot In The Head And The Bullet Came Through The Cheek
29 September 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | A businessman, Mr Learnard Dahwa fired his pistol five times at Mr Wellington Mavaza hitting him from the back of the head. The bullet went through the neck coming out through the cheekbones and shuttering the jaw. Wellington was lucky to be alive.

Service manager Leonard Dahwa, 54 who owns a few mining claims was denied bail by Harare magistrate Taurai Manuwere after he was charged with attempted murder. He was remanded in custody to October 12.

Welling Mavaza with bullet wound

Contrary to earlier reports, Mr Wellington Mavaza was not drinking beer at all on this day. He was coming from choir practice on his way home. Mavaza was called by a friend who asked him to pass by the bar to collect his home keys. As he arrived in the bar Mr Mavaza proceeded to the bar lady who is known to him to collect the keys.

While talking to the bar lady Mr Dahwa came fuming asking Mr Mavaza why he was talking to this lady. Seeing that Dahwa was furious Mr Mavaza remained silent but did not move as he had not collected his friend’s keys.

Dahwa went outside for a few minutes and came back holding a gun. He pointed the gun at Mr Mavaza shouting unprintable words. Sensing danger Mr Mavaza walked outside but Dahwa was not done yet. He followed Mr Mavaza outside and fired a shot. Mavaza turned around and took to his heels in a speed of lightning. Dahwa was encouraged by the running and fired four more times towards Mr Mavaza. A bullet caught up with Mavaza midair and overtook him, only that it made its way through his neck and could not stay in his mouth; made its way out through his cheek.

Not sure if he was hit as it happened so fast, Mavaza continued running, screaming like a baby calling for his mother who was miles away in Kadoma.

When Mavaza arrived home, he felt excruciating pain on his neck. It was then that he realised that he was hit. Gripped by the fear of death, he fell right in the arms of his wife who was startled by the screams.

Mavaza collapsed in the arms of his wife and both fell on the ground.
Help was summoned and Mavaza who was now unconscious was ferried to a private clinic in Warren Park 1 where he was referred to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

People at the bar managed to take down the number plates of Dahwa’s car and assisted the police to apprehend Dahwa.

The National Prosecuting Authority had said Dahwa and victim Wellington Mavaza, 28, were drinking beer at Nyangani Nightclub in Warren Park 1 on September 21 when Mavaza had a misunderstanding with the bar lady. Mavaza and Dahwa do not know each other and so could not drink together. Furthermore Mavaza was not drinking, he made a dash in the bar to pick house keys of a friend from the bar lady who is known to Mavaza and his friend.

Mavaza’s twin brother, Washington Mavaza confirmed that Wellington was not drinking and he was not drunk on the day. He was shot in an unprovoked incident.

Dahwa, was arrested in a swift reaction by the CID Homicidef and was dragged to court on Monday 26th September.

Dahwa who was not happy to see Mavaza talking to the bar lady violently approached Mavaza who was cool and composed. These made Dahwa more angry and allegedly left the bar temporarily and went to his Mitsubishi Colt where he fetched his licenced FN Browning pistol.

He returned and “fired five shots towards Mavaza.” A bullet went through the back of Mavaza’s head and came out through the cheek.
After the shooting, Dahwa got in his vehicle and drove off, the court heard. He did not try to help and did not care what happened to his victim.

The alert Investigators later recovered the gun used in the shooting.

Prosecutors opposed bail, arguing that Dahwa was a flight risk. The court heard that he tried to flee when detectives went to arrest him.

One eye witness told the police that Dahwa fired several shots missing him, then when Mavaza fell down he came and shoot him whilst laying down. Dahwa is a very violent man and must rot in jail. He shoot him at point blank execution style.”

Dahwa is well known in Warren Park for his violent behaviour and that he is quick to produce his fire arm and point it to anyone who crosses his path. – [email protected]