Herald Says Armed Robber’s Pomona Doing Well
30 September 2022
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THE Pomona waste management investment, which has national status, is progressing well and attempts to suspend it by overzealous CCC councillors is null and void at law as the contract clearly stipulates that the deal can only be terminated when there is a breach.
There have been persistent attempts by CCC councillors led by Mayor Clr Jacob Mafume to scupper projects that are critical in the restoration of Harare services.

Clr Mafume has embarked on a crusade that seeks to stall city projects, even when they are good for both the city and nation at large.

A resident, Mrs Evelyn Mbara, said they have been paying for refuse collection and management of water and solid waste, but the service from the city of Harare has been shoddy.

“The methane gas emitted (at Pomona dumpsite) is not just considered waste in greenhouse gas emission, but also fires have been permanently burning in addition to the nasty smell which has been a problem to the surrounding inhabitants and passers-by.

“The area has been unsightly for a long time and to make matters worse, there are families which have been living in and around the dumpsite with children and the Mayor is turning a blind eye,” she said.

Mr Tafadzwa Mare said the Pomona deal should proceed as waste management has been a nightmare over the past 20 years.

“The Mayor and his councillors have been told that on the side of the Government, this matter went through several stages until it was approved by Cabinet, which is the highest authority in this unitary State of Zimbabwe.

“After going through Cabinet, and having been examined by the Attorney General, Harare city was then told to sign the agreement with Geogenix BV.

“Government therefore should not allow this project to be cancelled due to the mere fact that Mayor Mafume does not like it and because the venture was signed when he was out of the council,” he said.

Another resident, Mrs Lista Mweke, said the deal should proceed as it is of critical importance to residents of Harare.

“After Government received communication from the Town Clerk suspending the lucrative deal, Government through the Minister responsible for local authorities directed that in terms of the Urban Councils Act, council should rescind this decision and that Geogenix BV should continue working on the site.

“This means that suspension can only be done when Geogenix BV fails to meet its end of the bargain as regards the contract,” she said.

The €304 million Pomona dumpsite waste-to-energy project is expected to generate up to 22MW of electricity.

Apart from electricity generation, the project is also set to generate at least 300 jobs, boost economic growth and reduce the country’s import bill for electricity with the investor already exploring other investment opportunities in the country.