President Chamisa’s Decades Of Struggle Against Zanu PF Brutality
4 October 2022
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Decades of naked contact with repression.

By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Came across this interesting yet so revealing piece of history of our Change Champion in Chief, Advocate Nelson Chamisa , frontline fighters and anti regime crusaders.

In September 1999, Advocate Chamisa and a team of pro democracy students confronted the regime and its masquerades at a local tertiary institution.

“You’re implants of Zanupf who are masquerading as genuine, nonpartisan commissioners” Chamisa said.

Being in the frontline of a struggle without dithering or falling for the trappings and trinkets of the regime is a very important virtue of leadership.

It is never an easy road but we must focus on the goal and central objective- that is to bring genuine Change to the citizens of Zimbabwe.

We keep the focus knowing pretty well that we shall finish what we started.

Noma kanjan!

Pressure pressure fellow countrymen- until victory.