Mavaza Says: As We Get To 2023 Elections, Zimbabwe Must Be Protected
19 October 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | The other reason why America and the West justify piling of sanctions on Zimbabwe is that they claim to want to be protecting human rights in Zimbabwe. For some strange reason Zimbabwean life now matters. The logic is illogical. We are told that I order for us to be protected and be able to exercise our human rights we must be systematically subjected to untold suffering through sanctions. We are encouraged to suffer in the name of democracy and Human rights.
Now America and the West with the unending support from the CCC have started to blame the upcoming Zimbabwean Patriot Act as a vehicle of oppression and abuse of power. All what they want is Zimbabwe to exercise no power lest it will be called abuse. The sovereignty of Zimbabwe is packaged in a smoke screen and the real power they are trying to take it away.
How can any person say I love you to death so let me create a way for you to die defending your life against your self.

So we must never be fooled and be told that our own government is the one killing us. Sanctions are evil and have no moral justification.

So attacking the Patriot Act is wrong. That’s not exactly right. The Patriot Act is a big, broad law, and a lot of it has nothing to do with surveillance or limiting rights. And the government’s current surveillance and control powers are drawn from some parts of the common law and the Patriot Act is not a source of oppression. It is a source of security.
The current fight in Parliament and demonic lies being spread by CC and it’s handlers over human rights programs has led to a lot of confusion about whether “the Patriot Act be is a weapon or a protecting tool. This Act must be passed as a matter of urgency.
There are so many controversial programs in the Western world and remain in effect. And ultimately, the attack on Zimbabwean laws which are meant to protect their own country will have only modest effects on the government’s spying powers they will have a great impact in protection of individuals against the unpatriotic

What is the Patriot Act?
“A patriot cannot be created by legislation but he can only be reminded how to be patriotic by legislation. True patriotism ought to be an intrinsic feeling of appreciation of the good socio-economic welfare of the country, it must flow from one’s blood. Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in the whole world. Regardless of where we could be we must always seek to build and show case Zimbabwe. Loving your own country and defending it must never be a mandatory and repressive responsibility it must always flow from the blood. We must be proud of being Zimbabweans and we must defend our country with our last drop of blood.
In August 2020, a motion on the need for a Patriot Bill was tabled in the Parliament of Zimbabwe. The fundamental reason behind the bill’s proposal was to promote and guard the country’s national interests through criminalising acts that campaign against Zimbabwe, including—but not limited to—private correspondence with foreign governments or any officer or agent thereof, false statements influencing foreign governments, or any other such conduct aimed at undermining the country.
The sad thing is that the Act has not been made into law yet. This has taken too long and it must be enacted into law now. Zimbabwe is limping from the inflicted wounds caused by its own children. This must stop.
This law will allow the National Prosecuting Authority to institute criminal proceedings against anyone who, in its discretion, is undermining the country or using false statements to paint a bad picture of Zimbabwe to foreign governments. The detractors of this law say they fear politicisation of the law.
There is a fair possibility that personal and political vendettas will be settled under the pretext of protecting the nation’s interests as per the bill. The fear is that the opposition, civil society groups collaborating with international governments, campaigners, and ordinary people who are peacefully exercising their Constitutional rights, not peddling false statements, or undermining the country will face politically motivated prosecution while they seek equal justice. The point to be clearly looked at is where do they forward their complaints. If they are genuine what will stop them from engaging their own government. Why going to a neighbour to talk about an end to police brutality, human rights abuses, and corruption. Why not engage your government. Zimbabwe has a listening President.

Many Zimbabweans find pleasure in attacking their country and the delay in enacting the law to protect the only country we can call ours in the whole world is doing more harm to the wellbeing of the nation.
If the Patriot Act had been in effect there would be a positive narrative on Zimbabwe.

It should be noted that Zimbabwe is still a developing nation with few opportunities for people to openly express their socio-political issues and work with the Patriotic government in order to achieve a greater tomorrow. Thus, people must express their grievances on various platforms including social media with a constructive eye and not a criticising destructive eye. it is very clear that the CCC and the unpatriotic lot intend to campaign against the country; rather, they abuse the most accessible medium to challenge and soil those who are accountable for making Zimbabwe work again. If this law which has no potential to restrict freedom, becomes law, it would portray the correct state of Zimbabwe. For the sake of our country we must responsibly control the inflammatory outlets available, as well enhance most, if not all conduct by citizens seeking transparency and accountability. Zimbabwe is for all of us.
We should not allow people to destroy our country in the name of free speech. Should this law which empowers free speech
Sees the light of the day, it will ignite a narrative open a positive narrative that paints the country in good standing.

Despite the bill’s inconsistencies with the Constitution, politicians are still advocating for its promulgation. The United States of America’s Logan Act of 1799, once described as an “archaic superfluous law that has clearly shown its only utility is in leveraging political opponents via selective prosecutions,” this is law more tough than any oppressive law on the universe. This can never stand in comparison with the Zimbabwean law. The Logan law shows us the the urgent need to justify Zimbabwe’s need for a Patriot Act.
Something like this would seem over the top today and sprays of critiscism will be fired from all the corners. Why are people afraid of the Laws which protect their own country.
The Patriot Act covered a lot of ground.
But what “Patriot Act” tends to mean to most Zimbabweans— and the reason it has faced increasing opposition over the past is that Zimbabwe is under attack and we are being relentlessly attacked. The reason why we need the patriotic Act is the reason why it is under attack.
Back when the Patriot Act was first being debated, some Zimbabweans were worried about some of the powers the Patriot Act was thought to be giving the government.
The provisions were more thoughtfully debated at a less panicked time.”
Waiting for a less panicked time is proving to be futile.
We are now going towards elections. Zimbabweans must put Zimbabwe first. Each time during elections many unpatriotic people will be tripping each other towards scandalising their own country.
It is our duty to protect our own country from ourselves.
It is never a campaigning skill to drag your country in the mud so that you can get votes.
Love your country first then the country will you.

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