Mliswa & His 19 Children Hit Hard
22 October 2022
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By- The closure of the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) has left Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa (Independent) and his 19 children stranded.

The outspoken, independent lawmaker and 19 children are subscribers of PSMAS medical aid.

Mliswa has since appealed to the Minister of Health and Childcare, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, to reopen (PSMAS) hospitals.

Said Mliswa:
Right now when we are sick, where do we go? It is an emergency issue and our families are on PSMAS.
I have 19 children and their medical aid is on PSMAS. If one of them is sick, what do I do now when we are in this situation? This is a service that we have already paid for.
In response, Chiwenga said he had directed the permanent secretary of health and the staff to open all PSMAS hospitals which had closed down.
Chiwenga also urged people to pay for the service and those with many children had to pay more. He said:
We are putting medicines into those institutions so that our people get attended to.
The issue of what should be done now, is a matter which we will be discussing with the Ministry of Finance, the regulator, and all stakeholders concerned, to say in the meantime, whilst the investigations are going on, we want the services because people will not stop to be sick. Therefore, they have to be attended to.
… I am happy that Hon. Mliswa said that he has got 19 kids. If you have got 19 kids and you pay $40 for 19 kids, how do they get treated?
So, these were some of the issues which we are saying if we have got the money, it has to be a maximum.
If you want to have many kids, in fact, I want Members to get this right. Because the population has got to balance, we have got to have children but if you are to have children, you must be able to support them.
The way you support them is, you increase your contributions. The Government pays 80% and the member only pays 20%. That 20% had become meaningless.
Earlier this week, Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI) (Pvt) Ltd announced the temporary closure of the Westend Hospital Casualty Department.
PSMI said the closure is due to internal processes currently underway