How To Get A Mine In Zimbabwe
3 November 2022
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Business Correspondent| Three Wingers Enterprises, Zimbabwean advertising and consultancy company has launched a programme set to empower and equip miners with essential knowledge in the lucrative field.

The programme also seeks to provide key information to prospective miners on how to carry out their activities professionally and legally.

Mining is a key pillar of the country’s economy and it is projected that the sector contributes tremendously to economic development.

Three Wingers Enterprises private Limited is a Zimbabwean company registered and incorporated in 2020.

The company markets and distributes variety of products and services which includes Farming and Mining equipment, Business Consultancy, Marketing and Selling of other companies products, Real Estates Agencies, Web Design and App Development. 

Below is a list of guidelines those interested in mining can follow:

How to get a mine in Zimbabwe
You need :

These are simple steps one has to follow to get a mine in Zimbabwe.

Kindly note that this is the first stage and more guidelines shall be provided in the next article…

  1. National ID
  2. Ordinary prospecting license
    US $75
  3. Pegger USD $400
  4. Special block registration USD 563
  5. Ordinary block USD 300
  6. Special metal block USD 150
  7. Certificate of registration after transfer USD $375

For more information contact: 0774028830

Facebook: Gold Mining Consultancy Zimbabwe