Prison Guards Arrested Over Bail Bribe
16 November 2022
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By- Two prison officers on Tuesday appeared in court on criminal abuse of office charges.

They are accused of allegedly taking money from litigants, promising to facilitate the awarding of bail in various cases.
Pamela Mahachi and Collin Muchemwa, both stationed at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts, appeared before Harare magistrate Taurai Manuwere.
The court heard that on March 4, Felistus Mapurisa was remanded in custody, after being arrested for illegal drug possession.
After spending two weeks in Chikurubi Female Prison, Felistus was allegedly approached by a fellow inmate, who advised her to talk to Mahachi, if she wanted bail.
Felistus, accompanied by the inmate, went to Mahachi, who was on duty and informed her about the issue.
It is alleged Mahachi confirmed that she was in a position to assist and requested Felistus to supply her with her relatives’ contact details. Mahachi allegedly contacted Felistus’ sister, Cathrine Mapurisa, to kick-start the process.
The court further heard that Felistus was visited by a relative, Enita Mukanyi, who was informed that someone could assist with bail.
It is alleged Mukanyi contacted Mahachi on the same day and she demanded US$1 500 for assistance.
Mukanyi allegedly gave Mahachi the full amount, in the company of Cathrine Mapurisa and she promised to have Felistus released in three days.
On March 28, Mahachi called Mukanyi and advised her that bail had been granted at $20 000, and she was supposed to send the money.
The money was sent through Auxillia Murambiwa to Mahachi, who was also given US$10 for Felistus to use as bus fare, from Chikurubi Female Prison.
However, Felistus appeared again in court on April 21, and was remanded in custody despite Mahachi’s claims that she had been granted bail.
She appeared in court again on May 5, and was remanded in custody again, and this caused her relatives to raise alarm and demand their money back from Mahachi.
Mahachi is alleged to have become evasive, prompting them to make a police report.
Investigations revealed that Mahachi gave US$1 300 to Muchemwa, who was supposed to facilitate the bail.
There is also communication between the two indicating that the money had been forwarded to a certain unnamed boss for him to release Felistus.
However, things did not go according to plan.
In a separate charge, Mahachi is also accused of criminal abuse of duty.
The court heard that on December 16 last year, Innocent Gobvu was arrested on money laundering allegations, and was denied bail.
It is alleged that while in custody Gobvu met Tizirai Mudarikwa, who was also facing similar allegations of money laundering and had also been denied bail by the same court.
The court heard that on December 28, Bertha Gadaga went to the Harare Magistrates’ Court to meet her relative Tizirai Mudarikwa.
Mudarikwa told Bertha Gadaga to see Mahachi for facilitation of bail.
Gadaga allegedly gave Mahachi US$300 to facilitate the release of Mudarikwa.
Mudarikwa was released two days after the payment of the facilitation fee.
After his release, Mudarikwa went to Innocent Gobvu’s wife and advised her how he had managed to get bail.
Gobvu’s wife, Rely Vimbai Gobvu, then went to Gadaga, on the instruction of Mudarikwa, to get assistance for the release of her husband.
Gobvu then gave Gadaga US$300, which she then forwarded to Mahachi, who promised to have Gobvu released on the next remand date.
On the next remand date, Mahachi allegedly indicated to Gadaga that the magistrate wanted US$200 more, in order for him to grant bail, and she was given the money on the same day.
After paying the US$500, Gobvu was remanded in custody.
Mahachi failed to return the money on request.
Lancelot Mutsokoti appeared for the State. H Metro