‘Rick Ross Upset No Women At Front Section’
19 November 2022
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By Showbiz Reporter | An undated video clip, which somewhat connects to events on Friday in Harare, has surfaced of singer Rick Ross complaining why the front row at his show has no women.

True to the clip, there were top few women at Rick Ross’ front row last night, and Zimbabweans jocked that Gwanda tenderpreneur Wicknell Chivayo and coeague Mike Chimombe were competing with women for the singer’s attention.

“Section full of niggers, section full of niggers, niggers looking at each other, niggers passing the same hooker around to 10 niggers, ain’t no **tches in the section they are looking crazy at the bitches. What are we doing it this for our brother?

Rick Ross performed at the HICC last night at a gig previously hoped would be a grand one, but whose programs got delayed and the attendance was not as previously anticipated.