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21 November 2022
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Power of attorney …

Business Correspondent

This is a situation where someone who is not able to come in person gives powers to someone of their choice to sign on behalf of them .

Usually this person chooses a relative or legal advisor to represent them someone they trust .

In most cases it’s the seller who does that to speed up the process.

Advantages of giving someone power of attorney it makes easier to transact from you are.
Disadvantages it can be abused or be used unlawfully by kids , spouse, grandchildren and some cases even parents to sell property without authority or to swindle unsuspecting buyers of their hard earned cash.

Secondly the owner can give power of attorney and later on deny that they gave someone powers to sell on their behalf.

Especially cases of relative to relative sale they can be contested in court outcome would unpredictable.

What is needed to make power of Attorney
1 Identity card or details for power of attorney giver and residential address. 2 Identity card of the appointee plus residential address.

NB power of attorney is common practice but it advisable to be patient wait for the right moment to transact with owner without risking hard cash . Always use a lawyer when buying property its cheaper .

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