Police Watch Aimlessly As Violence Breaks Out Against Mliswa
27 November 2022
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By Farai D Hove | Police officers watched as Norton MP Temba Mliswa was violently slapped down by ZANU PF youths at a provincial hero’s funeral.

In a development that saw the legislator being escorted by police officers, Mliswa is on video screaming fire and brimstone at the cops.

He was at the time being accused of being an independent MP who is disrespectful of the ZANU PF leadership.

“No one will gather again the country [because of this violence.],” Mliswa bursts out at the cops. He continues saying.

“As police you have messed the president up, be ause you are supposed to maintain law and order,” Mliswa adds.

A comment from the police was not possible at the time of writing.