Ramaphosa Refuses To Resign Saying It’ll Turn SA Into A Zimbabwe
3 December 2022
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By Farai D Hove | South African President Cyril Ramaphosa refused to resign after being advised it will turn South Africa into Zimbabwe.

Ramaphosa is facing calls to resign and was set to announce his exit message on Wednesday.

Ramaphosa’s closest friend, James Motlatsi tells top South African presenter, Clement Manyatela this will turn South Africa into a Zimbabwe. Ramaphosa has made numerous statements since 2019 that Zimbabwe has held successful elections in 2018 and has no problem at all; all it needs is a removal of sanctions.

Writes Manyatela:

James Motlatsi tells me on #TheCMShow that his close friend could have handled #PhalaPhala better. “He was careless about how he handled that, but it was his money, not the states money”.

Motlatsi on #TheCMShow tells me “those who want Ramaphosa to go want South Africa to turn into Colombia, to turn into Zimbabwe. These are criminals” he says.