BREAKING: Police Rush To Bury Moreblessing Ali Despite Sikhala Imprisonment
28 December 2022
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By A Correspondent | “What’s this horror we are hearing here in Chitungwiza, where a large crowd of police officers have flooded as we also hear that Moreblessing Ali has been buried?,” a circulating audio message stated on Wednesday morning.

Moreblessing Ali

At a time when her lawyer, Job Sikhala is in prison, the slain 46-year-old mother of 2, Moreblessing Ali’s remains are being forcibly buried Wednesday morning following police orders.

Ali was killed during incidents after leaving a bar at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre on May 24 when she was abducted allegedly by a ZANU PF activist, Pius Jamba.

Her decomposing body was found dumped in a ZANU PF leader Simba Chisango (Jamba’s mother)’s mother’s well at Dunnoter farm in Beatrice.

Her brother, Washington tells of his distress following the move saying even the ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been sending people to complain that he wanted to meet Moreblessing’s son, Silence and everywhere he would go, people were being asked by authorities concerning his whereabouts.

“We later had to put him into hiding, because anyone moving with him was ending up being followed.”

Washington Ali explains saying the reason Mnangagwa is after his nephew is “delays in burying his mother are affecting Mnangagwa’s political campaigns; everywhere he flies out, he is being asked about Moreblessing,” he says.

While exact details of the burial were not clear, Ali told ZimEye, “I am not sure maybe she has already been buried right now. I spoke to Nyasha. They came to the house last night saying they want to bury Moreblessing today.

“Yesterday morning I had received messages asking me, what is happening, because we are hearing that Moreblessing is being buried tomorrow.

“My brothers are unreachable. Solomon (Ali) is saying a large crowd of cousins arrived at the homestead today.

“It’s not the first time they are doing this. Some of my brothers are doing this.

“I asked why they want to bury her when so many people are in trouble because of her death. Job Sikhala is in jail because of her, but they are just interested in the body.

“Someone later told me that there is a certain police DEO Ngodzo who phoned saying she received orders from a group of police colleagues who say that Moreblessing must be buried today.

“I got calls from a reporter asking how true it is that Moreblessing’s remains are being buried today.

“The only person I got in touch with was Solo, who was saying the slain’s daughter Nyasha says she cannot be part of this.

“Even my mother says she does not know anything about the plans to bury her.”

At the time of writing, Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba was still to comment over the allegations that his boss has been sending emissaries. – THIS IS A DEVELOPING STORY