MUJOLO FOR SHIFTS: UK Director’s Husband Caught In The Act Bedding Careworker Just Arrived From Zimbabwe
5 January 2023
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By London Correspondent | A UK Zimbabwean employment agency is at the centre of a storm over a s** for shift work” scandal that has seen thousands of women speaking over it.

The Stevenage based company was last night blown under the whistle over reports that most of its workers are being forced into exchanging their bodies for shift allocations which are not easy to get.

The development had the company owner’s husband fingered for demanding intimacy from newcomers. The unnamed husband was in another incident caught in the act bedding one of the careworkers who is also his wife’s relative and arrived in UK a few weeks ago.

He was pleasuring himself inside the company office.

The man quickly apologised to the female employee who found him in the very act, a source narrates.

“Akabatwa achitoseva muramu wake,” a source said, in audios availed to ZimEye.

It is said the workers are afraid to report the man, and an advisory was published last night to help guide complainants whenever they are forced to compromise their bodies.


The advisory reads:

Mujolo mujolo mujolo please

  1. Musaitire mudzimba dzema clients, vane maCCTV and hidden camera. You are being watched
  2. Musajole kuma office futi ma CCTV ariko futi. Hazvisi kuita
  3. You don’t need kurara na manager or sponsor to gain favours, you are doing them a favour.
  4. Varume vemuUK are not going to rent you a house like kuZim, rent is the biggest bill.
  5. In the sponsor houses, kuManchester uko, rambai kuchinjaniswa vasikana the first month rent free is not paid in mujolo, it’s free, don’t be used. Shandai, bring your partners and kids and stay healthy. Aku
  6. If you choose kujola, use protection, vanorwara vanhu ava.
  7. If your male managers or sponsors insist on having sex with you, use the record button, inform your union, report sexual harassment to police.
  8. You have a right to say no!
  9. Declare your HIV status, it’s a crime if you don’t.
  10. If your sponsor/manager asks you to terminate a pregnancy that you brought or that they gave you, usabvume, urambe!