Winky D Wraps Zimbabwe’s Entire History And Future In 1 Short Song – Kaseke
5 January 2023
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By Rufaro Kaseke | Winky D hoisted his musical prowess to dizzy heights, this time with meaningful collaborations with some of the country’s best musicians.

One combo that has struck a code for me is the one with the power packed bassist, top drawer performer and songbird, Shingai Soko Shonhiwa on the track Dzimbabwe.

Why it struck a code is because it resonates with what I and many others are always questioning. “Is this the Zimbabwe that all those who sacrificed for our country died for? Are they resting easy with the suffering of Zimbabweans?” Judging from the situation in our country the answer is a resounding and definite negative.

Once again ChiExtraterrestrial, The Gaffa has taken a stride beyond just “kujamba maspeaker” with a rhythmic wake up call for those in the business of greediness and selfishness to reflect on the legacy of the meaning of the struggle for a better Zimbabwe.

The video is not just a Picasso on the eye. It’s a poignant transgenerational picture of what could have have been, what should be and what is. One cannot help but reflect on what our country could have been and what it should be.

This track is a wail and a longing for what all of us desire. A society where everyone is given a chance to flourish.

Respect Soko and chibaba🙏🏾 SOURCE: RUFARO KASEKE HERE