Go Well Rufaro
6 January 2023
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By Rudo Neshamba

Our Beloved Rufaro akatipa Rufaro muRufaro has passed on!

There was never a dull moment in camp with you Mafidi, ”the team’s clown”.

The jokes, the farfetched stories,the songs and the dances, one would always wonder how you ever came up with all those.

Ohh I can even hear your voice teaching me one of your crazy statements saying, “Kureba kuti Twiii”ndobva ndati “MuWaterfalls” and we would burst out laughing.

In the field of play, you were “The General”.
The most technically and tactically gifted player I have known. You were easy to work with,a team player.

We won matches and cups together, from the Under 20s to the senior team. Those were the best days. Ohh i have so much to say, i could write a book.

You served your country well Rufaro Mafidi Machingura. I will always cherish the good times that we had in the National team with you.

May your dear soul rest in peace Mighty Warrior.