Brutalisation Of Citizens Total Madness
17 January 2023
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11 January 2023

~From a Citizen's Perspective

**Continued Political Violence, Shadow affiliate groups exposes a desperate unelectable Political party, as harmonised elections draw closer.

In the past months there has been a rampant brutalization of citizens by any pf thugs as well as some partial authorities.

The victims of political violence, most of them are CCC members, journalists, civic society and church community.

The so called second republic is yet to arrest, book or convict any of the pepetrators, hence one may clearly see that the authorities and courts are captured.

The reluctant eye if not ignorance of dealing with political violence perpetrators actually shows that government and zanu pf have become 1 intricate partners in pursuing a certain agenda which is against the will of the people and the constitution itself. It’s high time citizens converge for a common cause irregardless of diverse political affiliation.

It’s a matter of building a New Great Zimbabwe that is economically strong, democratically peaceful through chosing befitting leadership.

Those that have been given or grabbed a chance and yielded nothing should make it a day and leave office for new ideas, new blood and entrusted ones.

Conductors of the failed Coaches should abandon or removed from the political room of governance because they won’t prove any good if they failed before “during Mugabe era & ED era”.

A wave of change should prevail over the so called 4 ED propagandist term. Fear won’t bring food or enough salaries to your tables “Civic Servants”.

Vigilance ,endurance and action is the only way out. Hold the bull by its horns , twist and turn , fall and rise one day you will be celebrating a more than $540us salary “Teachers”.

Shadow groups that which you join inorder to attract favour at lower level be it from your councillor or Headmaster are not worthwhile. We need change and not persistence on failed systems. It is better to watch from the terraces than cheer in favour Herods or Pharaohs of our time. It’s high time we support the Solomons with wisdom and the annoited David’s to take us through to a Great New Zimbabwe.

We might not like some the styles from these people for various reasons but there comes a time where should go for the better. 2023 elections are a do or die for Zimbabweans. Imagine going for 5 more years with the current level of corruption,unemployment, political violence surely we will be doomed.

The religious community has been hickjacked and now instead of preaching peace and grace they have been romped in to cheer Worldly bloody political groupings. Selling the gospel for pieces of silver in form of labelled cars 4ED. Religious leaders get back to the bible and show citizens the Godly direction of peace,justice and love ,tolerance. This election period is a test of our patriotism ,courage and desire to build a prosperous Great New Zimbabwe under the steward leadership of Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Masvingo Change Champion
Timothy Muswere