Amos Chibaya, CCC Members Remanded In Custody
20 January 2023
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26 CCC Bundiriro champions to spend 11 days in filthy prison

As the state wants to bring a new witness, to the surprise of the accused.

20th January 2023

Wezhira Munya

26 CCC Budiriro members will spend painful 11 days in prison. They were arrested on the 13th January 2023.

Their lawyer said,

“The 26 CCC Budiriro cadres have been remanded to Monday 23 January 2023 at 0830hrs for the continuation of bail application”.

In addition, the state intents to bring in a new witness after they noted that the first witness a senior police officer had a very weak case against CCC members.

The prosecutors are playing delaying tactics to prolong the stay of CCC members in prison.