Accept Political Diversity, Be Tolerant To One Another: Madhuku
26 January 2023
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National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku has urged Zimbabweans to accept political diversity and be tolerant to one another.

Speaking at a funeral of his relative in his Chipinge home town early this year, Madhuku urged people to accept political diversity.

“Political parties are like churches, you can be in Jeke Mission church where you dance in a particular way which your relative may not be able to imitate, lets be tolerant to that,” said Madhuku.

He further urged people to love one another regardless of different political choices

“We should love one another, despite supporting different political parties

“Supporting different political parties does not take away your relationship whether its your mother or father or sister, you remain relatives,” added Madhuku.

Meanwhile, commenting on Information Secretary Nick Mangwana’s Twitter post where he shared Madhuku’s video, social media users accused Zanu PF of being the stumbling block to political tolerance in the country.

“The problem lies in you guys and your philosophy of idiocy which makes you believe that violence is the only tool to address differences,” said Obey Sithole.

“You ask the question you know the answer to. Everyone including you yourself know that your party loves political fights. You guys beat up people in Murehwa just a few weeks ago. Why?,” said one Big O.

“A lesson to zanupf. They are the ones who do not tolerate CCC but has soft spots for their proxy small political parties. Other leaders’ political meetings are cleared by the police very quickly. When it comes to CCC it’s an uphill struggle to get clearance,” said TK.