Who Killed Thulani Maseko ?
26 January 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Citizens Coalition for Change( CCC) Namibia has accused King Mswati 111 of killing top Eswatini lawyer Thulani Maseko.

See below CCC Namibia statement on the death of Maseko.

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Namibia blasts King Mswati 111 for the brutal murder of the Lawyer & Human Rights Defender, Thulani Maseko!

23 January 2023

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia is infuriated by the continued human butchery of lawyers, political activists, students, and human rights defenders in eSwatini since 2021. As a pro-democracy movement, we urge SADC, African Union, and the United Nations to investigate the callous murder of the renowned lawyer and human rights defender ,Thulani Maseko.

Thulani Maseko was just fighting for the advent of constitutional democracy in eSwatini. It is not a crime to clamor for a representative democracy where people are allowed to participate in the national discourse. The people of eSwatini are longing for democratic elections that will see monarchism sinking into oblivion. Namibia district encourages SADC to speak out in condemnation of this gross abuse of the universal fundamental human rights in eSwatini. May the revolutionary soul of Thulani Maseko rest in power.

This culture of dictatorship in Southern Africa must be resisted with equal measure. All progressive citizens in SADC countries should amplify their revolutionary voices against state repression. The ruthless monarchist is the one who sent his hitmen to decimate the life of our diligent lawyer and human rights defender because of his advocacy for constitutionalism as well as the rule of law.

In the recent week in Zimbabwe, we saw human rights defender Kudzai Kadzere brutally attacked by the captured Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP). Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia condemns both the Harare regime and Mswati’s monarchy for their behavior towards social democrats and human rights lawyers . Lawyer Kudzai Kadzere was left with broken arms in the course of representing the arbitrarily arrested CCC Budiriro 26 who include Hon Amos Chibaya, Hon Costa Machingauta, CLR Mukwada, Star from change radio, and others.

Progressive inhabitants of SADC should unite against these monsters who don’t respect the sanctity of life. Firing two bullets in the head of the lawyer is beyond satanism. We demand justice for Thulani Maseko. These assassins must be brought to book. Mswati and his ruthless counterpart in Zimbabwe should face the fury of social democrats. It is sad to inform the globe that Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala is still caged at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison on trumped-up charges since 14 June 2022. Sikhala has endured incarceration for more than 7 months now for demanding justice for Moreblessing Ali who was abducted and later murdered in cold blood by a ZANU-PF thug, Pius Jamba.

The battle against lawyers must be thwarted in its infancy. Job Sikhala was arrested whilst representing the Ali family. He was both the family spokesperson and lawyer who led a successful search for Moreblessing Ali. We demand justice for all political prisoners. Rest in peace Thulani Maseko, your blood shall water the freedom tree. Maseko was shot in the presence of his wife and children after the King had given a stern warning to those who were advocating for the democratization of eSwatini.









Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya