Importance Of Geological Mapping In Mining
27 January 2023
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Geological Mapping is an important tool in the mining industry.

Many people look down upon Geological mapping and just do simple methods in search of minerals for example dowsing methods to search for minerals.

Geological mapping is the process done by a Geologist in which he picks up rock units called lithologies in an area, picking the orientation and structural features on the mine.

Explaining the importance of Geological mapping:
One can know the contact zones which are important in gold mineralization. Gold moves in areas of low mean stress for example fractures, faults, etc if a Geologist is able to pic a contact zone he can be able to proceed checking possible mineralization in the cantact zone.

We at Inner Core Resources (Pvt.) Ltd offer Mining services from Geological mapping, reef mapping, Magnetics and IP in exploration for all minerals including Gold, Lithium, Manganese and base metals including copper, manganese etc. Exploration starts from desktop studies spanning to geological mapping upto geological reporting with our experienced personnel.

Why would you want to do this:

To understand the potential of your area,
This would be your guideline during mining…

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