Harare Man Loses US$65 000 Passenger
3 February 2023
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By- A passenger travelling from Harare to Banket snatched a bag containing US$65 000 from the boot of a car that had offered him a lift.

The driver had stopped at Banket Shopping Centre Bus Stop ad, and the suspect took the opportunity to grab the bag and flee into the bush.
Police said the incident occurred on 29 January this year.
The alleged thief and his three accomplices have since been arrested and US$37 907 cash, plush a Mercedes Benz bought using part of the loot was recovered. Police said:
The ZRP confirms the arrest of Jey Mushati (33), Tongai Talent Mupatutsa (38), Osborne Mutemachani (40) and Tendai Kapita (37) in connection with the theft of US$65 000 cash on 29/01/22 at Banket Shopping Centre Bus Stop.
The complainant had offered a lift to Jey Mushati from Harare to Banket. After reaching his destination, Jey Mushati stole the money which was stashed in a bag in the boot of the complainant’s vehicle, before running away in the bush.
The other suspects chased Jey Mushati and connived to share the loot. The arrest led to the recovery of US$ 37 907 cash and a Mercedes Benz, registration number AFC 3071 which had been bought by Jey Mushati using the proceeds from the loot.
We continue to appeal to members of the public to desist from carrying large sums of money as they will likely fall prey to criminals.