Prayers Fail To Stop Suicidal Harare Man
8 February 2023
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By-A Hatcliff man who jumped from the top of Tanganyika House in Harare ignored people, including prayers meant to stop him from committing suicide.

Mugove Chituzu suffered a fractured left hand, broken jaw, and deep cuts to his head and legs after landing on the roof of an old garage.
Witnesses said Chituzu complained of being tormented by invisible people who wanted to kill him.
A vendor, Mai Chipo, who sells her wares close to the building, said she saw Chituzu at around 7am and he appeared intoxicated.
“I saw this guy in the morning and he asked for water and I gave him. He then said someone was trying to kill him.
“He started telling me that someone was threatening his life and wanted to kill him by burning him, and that’s when I realised that he was under mental torment,” she said.
Chituzu is reported to have then stormed into Tanganyika House, fought and overcome the security guards before speeding to the rooftop.

The Fire Brigade arrived at the building and tried to get him down.
Donald Chihwa, a security guard who was at the scene, said Chituzu refused to get down and he kept saying someone was after him.
“We tried persuading him and get him down, but the more we tried, the more he moved to the edge of the building.
“The fire brigade also tried to talk to him, but he kept on telling them that he would jump since there were some people trying to kill him.”
A pastor also arrived at the scene and tried to persuade Chituzu not to jump.
“The pastor prayed for him, but he kept saying he would jump.
“As a crowd gathered, Chituzu then jumped and fell on the roof of an old garage,” said a witness.
An ambulance took him to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals. H Metro