Zambia Ends Load Shedding
12 February 2023
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By- Zambia has ended power cuts at a time when its neighbour, Zimbabwe, is having countless hours of darkness.

Zambia’s power utility, the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Limited (ZESCO), announced at the weekend.
ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mapani told the state media that the country would no longer experience load-shedding.

He said households and companies countrywide will now enjoy 24 hours of power supply without disruptions.
Mapani said this comes after ZESCO restored and upgraded power generation at various power stations in the country.
Addressing a media briefing in Lusaka on Thursday, Mapani said ZESCO had revamped the Victoria Falls power station, which is currently feeding about 20 Megawatts into the National Grid.
He said ZESCO has also upgraded power generation at Kafue Gorge Upper and Lower Power Stations by over 150 megawatts.
He also disclosed that ZESCO would soon increase power generation at Lake Kariba from the current 250 megawatts to 350 due to the water levels in the Kariba Dam.
Zambia also plans to begin the importation of about 120 megawatts from Mozambique, Mapani further revealed.