AKA’s Family Shoots Down Conspiracy Theories
15 February 2023
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“…We do not condone what’s been said about his friends and those making dangerous statements and we appeal with them to cease from doing so…”

AKA’s assassination has left his family members, friends and girlfriend traumatised and shattered.
Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was gunned down outside a popular restaurant in Durban on Friday evening in a shooting that also resulted in the death of his lifelong friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, a chef and author.

AKA’s mother Lynn, brother Steffan, and girlfriend Nadia Nakai were visibly distraught and struggled to hold back the tears as the rapper’s father and family spokesperson Tony Forbes made a statement to the media on Tuesday Afternoon at Rockets Bryanston, an upscale restaurant and lifestyle centre in Bryanston.

Lynn and Nadia, who donned black dresses and black sunglasses, held hands and comforted each other with hugs and whispers throughout Tony’s speech.

When taking to the podium, which was placed alongside a lit white candle and AKA’s picture, Tony expressed his gratitude towards his sons, Mzansi, his son’s fans, friends and family members who had shown them support as they mourn his son’s untimely death.

Tony went on to thank AKA’s friends, former Dream Team member Lusasa “Saso” Ngcobo, Don Design, and DJ Benny Maverick, among others, for being there for his son “from the start to the finish”.

“The close friends that he had, they’ve been at our side just like they’ve been with him since Friday evening. They’ve been at our side supporting us,” he said.

“We would like to say that his colleagues and associates have extended themselves beyond expectation. They’ve really really gone out of their way to support us, and we thank his wonderful neighbours who have comforted and accommodated us in this ti Addressing speculations and conspiracies that have pinned his close friends as suspects in his death, Tony slammed the claims, revealing that AKA’s friends, who were at the scene, were left traumatised by the incident.

“We send our love and support to friends who were with Kiernan in his last moments in Durban and we feel their trauma and pain as well. Our home will always be open to them. We do not condone what’s been said about his friends and those making dangerous statements and we appeal with them to cease from doing so.”

Tony said while they were aware of the NPA’s declaration, their focus as a family now was to celebrate their son’s life and “give him a dignified send-off with as little distraction as possible” and sent their condolences to the Motsoane family for the death of Tebello, who was AKA’s friend who “played a key role in laying the foundation” of the rapper’s career.me. It just shows how truly loved Kiernan was. And we are proud of that.​” -Timeslive