President Chamisa’s Political Tactics Frighten Mr Mnangagwa
15 February 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa’s political tactics are giving Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa sleepless nights.

Despite attempts by the State machinery to discredit the youthful CCC leader, in essence Zanu PF bigwigs are trembling.

According to President Chamisa, a huge surprise is on the cards.

“THERE IS A SURPRISE COMING..Nobody can ever ban or stop an idea or a moment whose time has come. Zimbabwe shall be free, just, peaceful and prosperous! #Fakapressure #Fakaprayer

Zimbabwe, I feel your love and solid support. It’s across the rural and urban divide. You always humble me. Your love is wholesome! It can only be God! #Godisinit,” said President Chamisa in a statement.