Mnangagwa ‘Found Guilty’ Of 2023 Election Crime
18 February 2023
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Zanu PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been found guilty of violating the constitutional stipulation of publishing the final delimitation report , Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngaruvhume says.

2 weeks ago, he received the preliminary delimitation report.

After receiving the preliminary report the President must lay it before Parliament – that is, the National Assembly and the Senate – within seven days [section 161(7)].

Within 14 days after that, the President must refer the preliminary report back to ZEC for the Commission to consider any issue raised by himself or Parliament. ZEC must give consideration to any issue so raised, but its decision on them is final [section 161(8) & (9)], analysts at Veritas write. They continue:

Once ZEC has prepared its final delimitation report it must send the report to the President, who must publish it in the Gazette within 14 days [section 161(10) & (11).

It is important to note section 161(2) of the Constitution, which states:

“If a delimitation of electoral boundaries is completed less than six months before polling day in a general election, the boundaries so delimited do not apply to that election, and instead the boundaries that existed immediately before the delimitation are applicable.”
Emmerson Mnangagwa