We Are For The People: Councillor Tabe
21 February 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|CCC councillors in Masvingo Urban embarked on key feedback meetings at the weekend.

The four CCC councillors, Roki Kamuzonda( ward 3), Aleck Tabe ( ward 4), Daniel Mberikunashe ( ward 5) and Richard Musekiwa( ward 7 ) held the feedback meetings as part of community engagement processes.

Councillor Tabe held the residents’ feedback meeting at Runyararo Primary School, ward 4, Masvingo Urban.

“We belong to the people and we are for the people.We are encouraging young people to register to vote .

Community engagement is about citizens.We are embracing the citizens initiative in line with President Nelson Chamisa’s vision,” Tabe said.