Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume Silences Zanu PF Regime
1 March 2023
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Harare Mayor, Jacob Mafume, today launched the city’s “Chenesa Harare” campaign in a bid to transform and restore the city’s Sunshine status. The clean up campaign will run for weeks. It’s our collective responsibility to keep the streets clean and tidy. #PlayYourPart

The Harare City council has partnered with various local companies to achieve the “Operation Chenesa Harare” goal.

The following skip points have been adopted by several recyclers where they are going to practice separation of waste at source bringing sanity to the areas.

Market Square – Recycling Ladies
Copacabana – Recycling Today
Charge Office – National Waste Collection
4th Street – Zimbabwe Sunshine Group

Meanwhile, there will also be enforcement of the anti-litter by laws by Municipal Police and fining of shops without requisite number of bins.- CCC