Watch Out For ZEC Chairperson Chigumba’s Boundary Trick
5 March 2023
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By Mari Matutu | To My Young Brothers and Sisters Behind REAP.

Priscilla Chigumba

We once had a lawyer that took us to the constitutional court without a v23D return but opposing a result as announced by Justice Priscilla Chigumba; and when asked of V11 he could not simply say v11 is a polling station return that needs collation. Presidential elections are announced by v23D; here is it.

I see you are also back to same situation. If you do not know the rules of the game then you have lost the game before the start.

My question to you all is, if Mnangagwa proclaimed new boundaries and clearly state in his proclamation that “NOW, THEREFORE, under and by virtue of the powers vested in the President as aforesaid, I do by this my Proclamation declare the names and boundaries of the wards and the House of Assembly and Senatorial Constituencies as finally determined by the Commission, which names and boundaries are set out in the Schedule to this Proclamation, to be the wards and House of Assembly and Senatorial Constituencies of Zimbabwe for the purposes of the forthcoming and any subsequent general election”, how does your registration in old constituency boundaries change to new constituencies voters rolls?
Is it not clear that every 10 years new electoral boundaries are drawn and elections will be held under new boundaries?

Is it not clear from constitution and Electoral law, that a person freely and voluntarily lodge a prescribed claim form to register to vote on the voters roll for a particular constituency?

Is it not clear that from publication date of 2013 constitution we have been using 2007 electoral boundaries?

Is it not clear from section 17A of Electoral Act that voter registration shall be conducted on a continuous basis so as to keep the voters rolls up-to date and every person claiming to be a voter shall be entitled, at any time while the voters roll is open, to lodge a claim for registration as a voter or for the transfer of registration as a voter in terms of the Act— the point being “while the voters roll is open”?
Is it not correct that the continuous voter registration is in relation to the life of the constituency where its voters roll remain open for 10 years?

Is it not correct that ZEC issued a General Notice 11478 of 2022 and in paragraph 5 of it, ZEC stated that voters rolls are deemed closed?
Is it not correct that ZEC issued a General Notice on 20 October 2022 to the effect that by elections have been closed until General Elections?.

Is it not there in section 161(2) of constitution that if delimitation is not complete 6 months before election then old boundaries would apply?

Now is it not correct that new boundaries were Gazette on 20 February and they have not been challenged hence they are to apply for next election as proclaimed?

Is it not then correct that registration of voters under the voters rolls of these new constituencies has to happen in terms of section 36A of Electoral Act?

Call it registration Blitz but it is new registration. Call Harare East by the same name or Mukoba by the same name, the point is it is a new boundary which must have its own voters roll.

Is it not in s36A(2) that where a proclamation is published in terms of section 36A(1) section 17A (“Continuous registration”) shall continue to apply and operate alongside the new registration of voters; Provided that when a new voters roll is produced after the conclusion of a new registration of voters ordered by the proclamation, such roll shall, with effect from such date as the Commission shall fix by notice in the Gazette, be the definitive voters roll on the basis of which the continuous registration of voters in terms of section 17A shall be conducted?

Now a voter registration blitz has been called 11 March to 21 March and without reading the electoral law you are mobilising youths to go and register to vote.

Under which boundaries are you mobilising people to go and register? Under which boundaries voters rolls is the blitz being conducted.

As we stand we have two possible electoral boundaries that can apply. The new boundaries as declared on 20 February 2023 and the existing. Is it not clear from s36A(2) of Act that there are two registrations that run concurrently and each registration depends on how section 161(2) of constitution would apply?

A blind follower may aid the enemy. Most influential youths are registered in the old boundaries and without clarity they will mobilise others to be registered under the new blitz and they assume they are already registered voters themselves.

The law is clear in section 36A(2) that the voters roll to be produced after the blitz will be the definitive voters roll on the basis of which the continuous registration of voters in terms of section 17A shall be conducted.

Its either you challenge the new boundaries or accept the new boundaries and mobilise again everyone including Chamisa to go and register to vote under new boundaries.

Hatitidi vano chema futi.

I foresee President Chamisa getting fooled by others not to challenge the delimitation report and because most constituency names keep their names.

Kuwadzana East remains Kuwadzana East by name but take good care that all polling station codes changed. Why? Because Kuwadzana East of old boundaries is not Kuwadzana East of new boundaries.

A person qualifies for election as President or Vice-President if he or she is registered as a voter in terms of section 91(1)(d).

The registration which President Chamisa hold is for old boundaries and only apply if old boundaries are to be the ones to be used.

Without challenging new boundaries and without going to register under new boundaries we may not have candidates eligible to vote.

It is the knit and grit things that ZEC always go away with and they use our prominent “ignorant clever” ones to shield the light.

Its clear crystal clear that after delimitation of boundaries registration under those boundaries has to happen, it is also clear from section 36A(2) of ACT registration in old boundaries continues concurrently with new registration solely because if new boundaries are challenged the old boundaries voters rolls will be up to date. Now our youths are busy mobilizing people to register under old boundaries yet they do not challenge the new boundaries.

I have warned you ooooo!