Fashion Trends
6 March 2023
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By Nick Masaiti

Imagine if everyone in Zimbabwe started to wear clothing brands from Zimbabwean designers only from the hat to the underwear and do away with all the fake Gucci and Fila we get from The US trends will there still be deemed local ,but a title with more value because if the designers have buisness ocument numerical skills , when everyone buys their stuff ,that means more factories for everyone ,because of the demand ,instead of selling some fake foreign brand in the streets playing hide seek with city council you are now running a factory and getting a payslip ,it means the money stays in our community ,That means banks are more productive ,
Why am I saying this I was just thinking.

Imagine if Phil Night the founder of Nike didnt get support from his hometown Portland a small city In America and people continued to buy from Adidas and Puma (German) The trending shoes that time. Nike Wouldnt have a brand value of 15 Billion or if the same thing happened Ortega in Spain would he be the richest man in Europe with the richest clothing brand in Europe Zara ,if no one cares about what the younger shirt maker was selling .If Gucci has an argument with the Italian government and decides to close and shut down, Do you know Italy and Europe at large economy will start shrinking down .In the 1980s Adidas was making no profit , collapsing ,but It managed to get back on their feet ,due to the raising Hip Hop culture in New York and make over 200% profit .Jay Z was refused a sponsorship deal with Iceberg Jeans and he decided to start his own clothing line Roca Wear ,Iceberg Jeans went down and now Roca Wear is a global market ,Am just saying all these companies dominating the globe now,just started within their communities growing ,Tommy Hilfiger started with $20 in his pocket ,Zara was a Rail Way Worker Adidas and Puma started during the world War ,Gucci wasn’t Rich ,but their communities were rich in value and support unfortunately in Africa we don’t have communities we have neighbor hoods. A community is were you live and keep your values and history together,In Africa we just live close by Ask yourself why is it 2 of the richest people in the planet dont only live in the same country but live in the same neighbor hood in Medina Washington
Am not about that support local product theme ,I support good product simple!like YungNation merchandise have good products ,because saying that at many times you end up giving the local artist and companies license to make substandard products because you can support them and some companies can be local but still wont give back if you support them but am Just saying If you bought from that kid akusona trying hard and everyone did so aipa munhu wese mabasa, including your grand Children. Amazon wouldn’t be America’s second biggest employer if no one bought their product when they started as a book store in the 90s .In case mukazondiona ndiri mubhero do what you want buy what you want ,but you can eat what you do not kill ,if your money doesn’t stay in your community you shall ever suffer.