Eternal Picture Of Bob Marley and his Music Teacher, Joe Higgs
9 March 2023
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Elderly producer Clive Mukundu narrates a Bob Marley account concerning submission to mentors.

He writes on his portal, saying:

Bob Marley and Joe Higgs (circa late 1970s)

This is Bob Marley and his music teacher, Joe Higgs. Joe Higgs was once a popular artist in Jamaica, then, later on, started running informal music lessons at his house in Trench Town. He is the one responsible for teaching Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer & many other popular Jamaican singers.

What fascinated me is how Bob remained close & submissive to his teacher, even when Bob became a major star. They say a picture says a thousand words, and just by looking at this picture, you can feel the bond between teacher and student. You can’t also help but notice the humility in Bob’s demeanor.

Higgs is credited with teaching his pupils breath control, melody, and guitar songwriting lessons. For all of you who boast of losing your voices after a church service, it’s because of a lack of knowledge of vocal techniques. By applying proper vocal technique you won’t lose your voice.

Sadly Higgs passed away on December 18, 1999, leaving a huge behind-the-scenes legacy.

When I think of Joe Higgs I’m reminded of great Zimbabwean teachers & mentors like Shephered Chinyani,Isaac Chirwa,Ambuji,etc.Give me more names tinzwe,tag a mentor & give them their flowers.