FULL THREAD: Publisher Trevor Ncube Speaks On Chamisa
10 March 2023
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1/8. I am making this thread with a deep sense of love for my brother in Christ, Nelson Chamisa. The same kind of love and frankness that characterized the meeting he requested in my office a while back. What people very close to Nelson say to me concerns me.

2/8. These people say they have given up on Nelson but can’t tell him. That he is not a leader. That he is not a democrat. Some of these people have suggested exploring a Third Way, which I have since given up on, although Robert Chapman’s effort could be just that.

3/8. These people say Nelson does not want to be accountable. That he feels threatened by people such as Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube, Job Sikhala, Hopewell Chinono etc .Those who remain around him do so because they see him as a ticket to their own political ambitions.

4/8. These people are frightened by the dreams that Nelson shares of him hearing from God. Dreams of him being told he will be at State House until old age. Most fervent Christians hear from God but there is always purity to what God says to us.

5/8. My own prayer for Nelson is that he realizes that successful national leadership is always a product of a strong team of rivals. Men and women who disagree passionately but are united around the big picture. Weak people, Yes Minister types, are why Zimbabwe is where it is.

6/8. I am speaking out because nobody else will say this publicly because they are frightened of Nelson and his supporters. People think criticizing Nelson weakens the opposition. A leader who can’t stand scrutiny in opposition will be a dictator once elected into office.

7/8. Foreign diplomats also share their deep concern and so do NGO’s who have previously supported Nelson. The military/intelligence believe they have Nelson under control. His supporters clearly don’t know this and they follow blindly.

8/8. And why is this any of my business? Because a strong and principle opposition is important for prosperity. Because of the danger of electing another dictator to State House. Criticism and transparency strengthen leaders and institutions.