Senator Shuts Schools To Attend ZANU PF Rally
13 March 2023
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It’s really sad and very sad indeed coming at a time when the pupils are busy with their end of term exams. On this day Monday 13 March 2023 one Senator Larry Mavhima, (ZANU PF) is holding a campaign rally at Murowa business centre and has ordered schools to close for the day so that all those eligible to vote attend his political campaign rally after which the attendants will be given a small packet of mealie meal.

ZANU PF Supporters in their usual vibrant mood besides the country’s problems.

This is nonsense and should never be entertained in any society for our children’s right to education is being trumpled upon by some greedy politicians who only appear during election time. Why dishing out mealie meal now a few days before the primary elections when the very same people have been starving for 5 long years? Your bait of mealie meal is clear evidence of vote buying and in a normal political environment warrants immediate suspension. Where were you when the people wanted you most Cde Mavhima?

On several occasions you spurned and ignored the calls by the very same people you now want them to vote for you. You never bothered to acknowledge our raised concerns and grievances as you enjoyed the comfort of your numerous offices and portfolios as you have more than three positions associated with you. As the provincial minister responsible for devolution what and how did you use the devolution funds? Murowa ward is home to the biggest diamond mine in Zimbabwe but is the poorest ward because of lazy and uncaring politicians who only think of people during election time.

The closure of schools due to some political rallies must be stopped immediately as innocent pupils lose learning time. Any reasonable parent must stand up for the right to quality education at all material times. Voters must not be hoodwinked by greedy politicians who are after self aggrandizement. We voters must demand tangible development leading to uplifting of our living standards. Any voted politician must be a servant of the voters not a “shefu’. As voters we have the powers to say no to non performers.

Thank you for the mealie meal Cde Senator but that’s not good enough for you are reducing people to perennial beggars.

Your vote is your voice

Murowa Community Group

Standing Up For Development