CVs Overwhelm Zanu PF’s Ahead Of Primary Elections
14 March 2023
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By-There is pressure in the Zanu PF National Elections Directorate and Security Departments as thousands submit their CVs to partake in this weekend’s primaries ahead of the national polls.

According to the state media, all provinces Monday were still submitting the CVs for the Senate, House of Assembly, local authorities, women, and youth quotas to the ruling party headquarters.

Before submission to the National Elections Directorate, Zanu PF Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha said Provincial Elections Directorates only make their comments and remarks without necessarily denying any candidate to lodge his or her CV.
“Right now we cannot talk of successful candidates or unsuccessful candidates because what the provinces were simply doing was really to consider these CVs against the rules and regulations set out earlier, thereby making recommendations and also giving their remarks, therefore the next stage will be for these submissions to be interrogated by the National Elections Directorate.
“The same submission will also come under scrutiny by our security department so that after the vetting process, we then move to the stage where the final approval will be given by the Politburo and which will mark the beginning of the campaigns of this internal processes,” he said.
Prospective candidates, he added, have to wait until they get approval from the party before they start campaigning.
“We discourage candidates to campaign now because they still have to wait for approval, they still have to wait for the processes to take place and then once that they have been successful in the processes then they can start campaigning,” he said
A record number of aspiring candidates have submitted their CVs to stand in for the ruling party in the forthcoming elections with a blend of old and new faces in a display of the universal popularity of Zanu PF.
On Saturday and Sunday, the ruling party’s aspiring candidates submitted their CVs to the provincial administrators at their respective provincial headquarters.
Aspiring candidates will be vying for 210 constituencies, 1 970 wards, 60 senatorial, 60 for women’s quota, and 10 for Youth quota.
Young people in particular have shown keen interest to represent Zanu PF in the forthcoming elections, the dates of which will be announced soon by President Mnangagwa.
The zeal to represent Zanu PF runs deep, with one province alone receiving more than 4000 nomination papers in a display of thriving democracy in the revolutionary party.
“As I said earlier on, there has been an overwhelming response with some of the positions, particularly for the House of the Assembly where you have 10 or more candidates pursuing one position across the board on the National Assembly the Senate, the women’s quota, youth quota, and local Authority. I would like to thank all our members for exercising their rights by coming forward and demonstrating their willingness to work for the party,” said Cde Bimha.