ZEC Is A Crime Scene
16 March 2023
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13 March 2023

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Namibia strongly urge the captured Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to respect the constitution of the motherland by releasing the much-needed electronic voters roll to all stakeholders ahead of the crucial historic harmonized elections in July or August 2023. Zimbabweans are now tired of successive disputed elections since the new millennium. We demand that ZEC avail the roll now to give ample time for an inspection to avert breastfeeding of the ballot by the serial losers.

Social democrats who subscribe to the yellow concur with the industrious Team paChedu which unravels multiple ZEC shenanigans contributing to the contested election results in Zimbabwe every season. The vibrant IT gurus have discovered how ZEC has been bloating the voters roll with thousands of duplicated ghost voters since 2008 by simply putting artificial zeros to the IDs. Yellow revolutionaries in Namibia encourage all progressive citizens in Zimbabwe and abroad to amplify their voices demanding the voters roll as stipulated in the supreme law of the country.

It is quite infuriating that the subsequent fake IDs with counterfeit issue numbers are also part of the 2022 voters roll. Registrar General officials also confirmed that the IDs are very fake yet the remote-controlled court threw away the case submitted before it by the CCC MP for Harare North, Hon Markham. It is frustrating and senseless to participate in an already rigged election. In 2018, 200 000 people miraculously voted for ZANU-PF in 90 minutes in Mashonaland Central. There was an astounding incident where 16 polling stations had identical figures for President Nelson Chamisa and Mr. Mnangagwa.

In July or August, we anticipate that ZEC will respect the will of the citizens of which it should commence now with the release of the voters roll. Zec should desist from manipulating figures to benefit the politically inept party that has dismally failed to revamp the ailing economy. It is now imperative to put political and diplomatic pressure on the captured institution to promote free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections. It is now a public secret to all and sundry that Zec is a crime scene inhabited by criminals and fraudsters.

Citizens should come together and democratically demand the voters roll now or never. When the Honourable’s court application was disregarded, it became clear that the courts are captured and they won’t do anything to save our people from authoritarianism and state repression. ZEC can never conduct a credible election because of the sadistic role to overturn the results in favor of the violent and unpopular Harare regime. No wonder they tactfully refuse to publish the roll ahead of the harmonized elections.

All opposition political parties should unite demanding their constitutional right to access the voters roll before the watershed elections. It is useless to continue without the voters roll because it does not need rocket science to figure out the satanic role being played by ZEC to suppress the will of the people. The frantic efforts from Team paChedu to unearth rigging at ZEC should be complemented by all right-thinking citizens. Allowing ZANU-PF to continue stealing people’s voices exploiting ZEC and the Constitutional Court should come to an abrupt end.

It’s now time for action against all this fraud at ZEC! Wake up Zimbabwe! Rise Zimbabwe Rise! Rise Youths Rise! Rise Women Rise !#FreeJobSaroWiwaSikhala




CCC Namibia Rundu
Branch Champion
Robson Ruhanya