Tropical Cyclone Freddy Wreaks Havoc In Malawi
17 March 2023
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THE death toll from Tropical Storm Freddy continues to rise in southern Malawi, with 225 people now confirmed dead, while 20,000 have been displaced.

Rescuers have been using shovels to find survivors buried in mud with Malawi’s commercial capital, Blantyre being the worst affected and many people dying in landslides in the city.

The government has declared a state of disaster in 10 districts that have been hardest hit by the storm.

Reports say the collapse of roads and bridges had hampered rescue operations, while helicopters had difficulties flying because of the heavy rains and strong winds.

Experts say climate change is making tropical storms around the world wetter, windier and more intense.

The death toll is expected to rise in Malawi as some areas remain cut off because of relentless rain and fierce winds.

The storm has also crippled the power supply, with most parts of the country experiencing prolonged blackouts.

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