EXCLUSIVE: Prison Boss Audibly Confirms Poisoned Job Sikhala
18 March 2023
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By A Correspondent | A senior prison boss, Chief Sup Moses Gukurume on Saturday confirmed to ZimEye, how he participated in allegedly poisoning the jailed legislator Job Sikhala.

Chief Supt Moses Gukurume

This followed leaked communications that suggest Sikhala was recently administered so called, slow poison.

Sikhala was imprisoned following representations he made for his client, the mother of two, Moreblessing Ali, who was killed last year May, in a case the ruling ZANU PF party has been claiming the cultural ngozi funeral statements Sikhala made were an incitement to violence.

In a phonecall with ZimEye, Gukurume voiced in confirmation that he ordered the withdrawal of Sikhala’s BP tablets. A leaked memo states this is to quicken alleged poison splattered onto the MP’s food’s effect so that he suffers a stroke or cardiac arrest.

The lengthy leaked communication is revealed by ZimEye in a broadcast on Saturday.

Gukurume, who has been in the prison service for more than 30 years spoke to ZimEye and the brief convo was as follows:

ZimEye – Shef Gukurume, good morning.

Gukurume – Morning.

ZimEye – Are you now at work?

Gukurume – No, I am now out, I am now in town, what were you saying?

ZimEye- I had called over those BP tablets belonging to Sikhala which you ordered that they be stripped off him.

Gukurume- What did you want to ask?

ZimEye – I am asking why you are now removing Sikhala’s tablets, do you want him to die?

Gukurume – Who are you really?

ZimEye – Sheff Gukurume, I am Simba Chikanza, I am a newsman. I am asking over your orders that Sikhala’s BP tablets be removed.

Gukurume – PHONE CUT

ZimEye – He has cut, I will call him again.

Gukurume – PHONE CUT.

ZimEye – Okay he has cut again.