Guard Alert Owner in Racism Storm… Beats Up And Calls Employee Baboon
21 March 2023
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By A Correspondent| In a development akin to the colonial era, a security guard from Guard Alert company was allegedly racially abused by tho owner of the reputable security firm.

Narrating his ordeal, the 47 year old Trymore Mutauto said what seemed to be a normal routine turned out to be a nightmare for him early this year.

“So I was manning the gate at the company’s headquarters when my boss Robert Richardson turned up for work and as usual I saluted him as required of my duties.

” However, I was taken aback when he started insulting me that I had not properly saluted him. What really angered me is that he called me a baboon, a racial term associated with the colonial era,” narrated a distressed Mutauto.

The Guard Alert owner went on to  hard-slap the hapless Mutauto who now has a hearing impairment after the beating.

” I was slapped menacingly such that since the day, one of my ear no longer hears properly and has pus, “he added.

He lodged his complaint to one Ngwerume, who is one of the directors at the security firm who dissuaded him to report the case to police but seek recourse with the owner.

” I approached Mr Ngwerume and told him of the incident. He advised me not to report the matter to the police but I told him for me to access medical services I needed a police report.

” It was after I had gone to Matapi Police Station that he offered me US$10 for medical treatment,” revealed Mutauto.

The security guard said what now irks him is that the Guard Alert owner and the management are not remorseful over what transpired.

“From all what happened to me I thought the boss and the management should have respected me. The money I received from them is hardly adequate to pay for the medical bills I have accrued following the incident.

” Right now I need to go for reviews but they are not ready to hear my plight. I approached the Zimbabwe Security Guards Union who instructed me to sue for compensation but for the legal recourse to ensue, there are forms which the management is supposed to sign but it has been evasive, “said a tearful Mutauto.

The Zimbabwe Security Guards Union(Zisegu) confirmed that Mutauto engaged them.

” I can confirm that Trymore Mutauto engaged over the assault case but we advised him that it was purely a civil and criminal matter not a labour dispute.

” We however assisted him in writing a letter of demand seeking compensation for medical bills incurred and contumelia on the 14th of February. What he should is to serve the employer with summons to institute legal proceedings and the last time we heard from him, he had no money, “confirmed Zisegu legal officer, Ruth Gandidze.

However, contacted for comment, the Guard Alert owner scoffed at the allegations and accused Mutauto of wanting to extort him money by creating fictitious allegations.

” There was no assault of any kind, I admit I raised my voice to him because of his scruffy turnout at the HQ gate but there certainly was never any racial connotation.

” I am an old man of 67 and employ over 5000 employees so would a) not be able to to assault a young man and b) would never do anything to jeopardise the well being of our workforce.

” This man is on a mission to get cash which is evidenced by his claim for thousands of dollars.
There is absolutely nothing to back his story and hence why the matter has not gone further.
If I or my company is besmerched or defamed in any way there will be legal action to rectify and seek damages(sic), “responded the owner.