Uebert Angel Says Can Sign Government Deals Without Consulting Mnangagwa
23 March 2023
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By- Exposed self-proclaimed prophet Uebert Angels said he could sign government deals and treaties with other countries on behalf of Zimbabwe without consulting President Mnangagwa.

The founder of the Spirit Embassy, The Good News Church, was, on 17 March 2021, appointed Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large for Europe and the Americas. 

Angel was appointed to seek trade and investment opportunities.

In an Al Jazeera documentary – Gold Mafia – which exposes corruption and looting in the mining sector, Angel said that as a plenipotentiary, he has full authorisation to sign a treaty or convention on behalf of President Mnangagwa.

He made the remarks while talking to a delegation of one Mr Stanley, an undercover Al Jazeera reporter who was investigating illicit financial flows in Zimbabwe.

His remarks were meant to assure Mr Stanley that his word was binding.

Mr Stanley pretended to have huge sums of dirty money which he needed to be cleaned. 

Angel said it was possible as he had signed such deals before.