Vapositori Wreak Havoc In UK, Pastor Flees With Woman’s Corpse
23 March 2023
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EDITORIAL: An old British newspaper article went viral on Thursday over how certain vapositori sect members are wreaking havoc in UK backyards making unexplained noises. 

… this practice continues across UK to this day and one church leader Bishop Miriam, Maina Tarugarira (South End-On-Sea) was recently caught running off with the corpse of sociallite, Jackie Ngarande’s cousin, a story investigated by ZimEye that’s now a police case. The preacher later secretly buried the body of the woman, she had demanded must release her bank account’s pin code before shutting her eyes. (*video loads below…)


The preacher’s brother has since been deported from the UK following the investigations, in which key witnesses narrated how she ordered that the church’s doctrine be assembled from a combination of witchcraft, Catholicism, and pentecostalism in order to captivate customers as a “powerful” congregation.