Innovative Young People Take Dancehall To Dizzy Heights
25 March 2023
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Press Statement: YungNation

“YungNation Riddim is our first step move to support zimdancehall This riddim was produced the 29th of January 2023. The Riddim was recorded, in early 2023 during a time we needed to physically,socially and economically travel and in a way mentally We had to be in a different space. It has so many meanings and undertones that cannot be wrapped up in a sentence. One thing We are sure of is we dove into topics that are special to the community. We hope it allows whoever gets to listen to it time to reflect and realign.”

The reason behind the Riddim:

Again the concept of the Riddim cannot be summed up in words. As it was a great sign to show that YungNation is meant for everyone . However, that in itself does not explain what it is. It is an act or action carried out from a place deeper than compassion or love. It is more of a sign of accomodating zimdancehall icons than anything.

The inspiration:

The Riddim was an idea to create something so forward thinking,creating a cordial relationship with zimdancehall fellows and still relevant at the same time.

We wanted to put our magazines issues on spotlight at zimdancehall community people aren’t putting lot of YungNation Magazine issues at the centre, Queer Rights,love documentaries, Polyamory, Police Brutality,business surviving skills , Rape Culture, and many other social,economic and entertainment issues .We live through most of these issues. We wanted to talk about them for the benefit our community .

That’s why we did this Riddim . # YungNationriddim# YungNationmagazine# YungNationmerchandise YungNationmedia