Mnangagwa Housing Scheme Hits Snag
25 March 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s so called housing for all programme has hit a snag.

Mr Mnangagwa grabbed the FBC Housing Project in a move political analysts say is calculated to score political marks.

On Wednesday Mr Mnangagwa presided over the commissioning of housing units in Kuwadzana.

According to the Member of House of Assembly for Kuwadzana, Hon Johnson Matambo, the houses are beyond the reach of many and as such the whole thing is a circus.

Hon Matambo is a CCC MP.

“The FBC Project is in Ward 45 which is under my Constituency and was launched on Wednesday.

The construction of those houses deprived residents in the same ward of access to manucipality water.

A valve which fed water to part of Kuwadzana Phase 3 was closed,” said Hon Matambo.

“The Houses are beyond the reach of an ordinary Zimbabwean.

-All those calling themselves Teachers , Nurses , Doctors for ED cannot afford to buy or get a mortgage for such houses which are pegged at more than 50k.
The houses for all concept has failed.

-FBC Housing Project is not in any way an initiative of the Government.
The Government has not produced significant Housing projects other than land grabbers.

We expected an update on the promised title deeds of Epworth Residents” added the MP.