Uebert Angel A Man Of Gold Or Man Of God ?
26 March 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|Controversial former Zanu PF MP for Chivi South and businessman Killer Zivhu has challenged Uebert Angel’s authenticity as a “man of God.”

Commenting on the gold looting scam exposed by Al Jazeera, Zivhu slammed criminals within the new dispensation.

According to Zivhu, the gold looting scam reveals corruption is killing the economy, not sanctions.

See below Zivhu’s argument:

Guys if Uebert Angel is really a Prophet of God, why asina kuona mumweya, kuti AL Jazeera deal was a trap, muchasvinura henyu mati madini.

Criminals around Mugabe, are now in exile including Jonathan Moyo, what are we going to do with criminals around New Dispensation, the Man of Gold or the Man against God, is boasting about selling the Country.

This gold issue has nothing to do with America, stop this propaganda guys, we are not insane veduwe, Angel ari kuzvitaurira pa video, and this is not an edited video, musatijairira kungoti every wrong doing , it’s because of Americans tinyareiwo.

Kana mazogara Judads Iscariot was not a Prophet, he was after money not salvation, this fly by night Prophets of yours are evil , they destroy your future whilst you are clapping hands.

Wisdom from Chivi, AL Jazeera’s documentary is like an eye opener to farmers , they will know the seeds Eaters, why wasting time and energy ploughing , when you know the seeds Eaters will finish before germination.

Wisdom from Chivi, don’t force people to like you, don’t force people to believe you, don’t force people to respect you, don’t underestimate people, they are dangerous when they remain silent and pretend to be clueless.