Acie Lumumba : Scott Sakupwanya Ruined My Marriage
27 March 2023
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By Acie Lumumba

Dear friends;

I am dealing with an incredibly painful public failure at the moment, In December last year I became bankrupt and went into debt after spending 5 months cancer treatmments.

My wife confessed she was having an affair with Zweli Lunga and Scott Sakupwanya friends and business associates I had known for over 10years; when I knew of my sickness I moved all my assets into her name for the sake of our son.

There are things about to come out that will embarrass any man and destroy any ego but I ask again that you understand it’s sensitive and I would have preferred it private, they have just chosen to make a public humiliation out of me.

I have learnt on Monday I will be served with a ‘cease and desist’ order to not mention the matter, Zweli got her to sell all my assets which I have no issues with- I’ll rebuild it all. The real issue is her two lovers are so hell bent over proving a point they are using all influence to restrict me from access to my son. They have requested the courts to never allow me time with my son by myself.

As they start their campaign of mistruths exclusively designed to prove I’m unfit to father my son, do remember I’m just a father desperate to be in his child’s life. I just want access to my son, I think it is brutally dark and wicked for them to restrict that.

Even if I was a monster, he’s my son, except I’ve done nothing but work like a junk yard dog for that boy .

I am currently consulting legal guidance but I challenge them to a lie detector on my account to validate a single line of lies they are pedalling. I have to fight for my son, I don’t know what else to do