Bus Driver Arrested After Caught With 40kg Mbanje
29 March 2023
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Police in Beitbridge detained a bus driver after discovering 40kg of mbanje hidden in the vehicle’s luggage compartment, with a street worth of $4 million.
After a fruitful search that was initiated by police after they learned that there was mbanje on board the bus, driver Hendrix Jonga (35), was apprehended last Friday at the Dulibadzimu bus terminal.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, a spokesman for the national police, confirmed the arrest and promised to keep going after drug dealers until there was peace throughout the entire nation.

According to him, Jairosi Mhlanga (20), who was detained on Thursday in Chisumbanje for being in possession of 3,05 kg of dagga with a street value of $150, was followed by Jonga’s arrest on Friday.

He is helping the police with their inquiries.

The campaign against drug dealers has got under way.

“It is true that the laws on drugs are vague resulting in police and prosecutors experiencing difficulties in coming up with appropriate charges. This will have a bearing on the penalty that is ultimately imposed on the culprit,” said Justice Takuva.

He said President Mnangagwa set the tone on the need to nip drug abuse in the bud when he urged law enforcement agencies to take ruthless action against drug peddlers as drug abuse was impeding economic development.

Studies have shown that 57,7 percent of youths in the country have at some stage abused drugs, while an educated three percent of adult population had a drug or alcohol abuse disorder.

Most admissions at the country’s mental health institutions are drug and substance related. While on circuit in Hwange, the High Court will hear 22 murder cases, five of which are drug related and committed by mentally challenged persons.