Mnangagwa Publicly Says “Uebert Angel Remains At Large,” No One Will Touch Him
31 March 2023
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By Farai D Hove | Presidential Spokesperson, George Charamba has tweeted saying the self confessing cash machine hacker, Uebert Angel, remains an ambassador of the government of Zimbabwe.

This contradicts pro government economist Eddie Cross who last night said he had been stripped of his Diplomatic Passport, to avoid jail time.

Angel is exposed in the ongoing Al Jazeera documentary, #GOLDMAFIA which recorded him arranging money laundering operations and confessing to executing other such illegal operations while altogether working hand in hand with the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe.

Wrote Charamba early Thursday morning in a thread titled, “CLARIFYING ON THE STATUS OF AMBASSADOR-AT-LARGE HUBERT ANGEL” : Following claims circulating in the social media that Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-at-Large, Ambassador Hubert Angel has been stripped of his ambassadorial status, kindly be advised that His Excellency the President, Dr ED …who is the sole appointing authority of all Ambassadors representing the State of Zimbabwe, HAS NOT TAKEN SUCH A STEP. The Ambassador – at -Large remains in that status and executing all his duties as outlined at the time of his appointment.

Please be so advised.